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What distinguishes
our services?

The vast majority of companies designing and implementing websites focus mainly on the visual attractiveness of websites.
This is a very important element, but it is definitely not everything. While designing Graph-Art, it never forgets about such important elements as:

Why should you take care of a professional website?

The website is responsible not only for the first impression but also, and perhaps above all, for further shaping the image of the company. A well-designed website with additional SEO optimization is sure to be high in the search results. Thanks to this, customers will go to you.

The moment you attract users, you have to keep them for longer. All this can be achieved with the help pf an eye-firendly website design and a clear layout of individual elements. If you add interesting content to it, you have grat opportunities to increase the group of your customers.

When designing websites, we not only focus on their appearance, but above all on usability. The website is not only a showcase of your company, but above all a money-making tool. Our websites are fully useful and functional.
The website should be fully intuitive and transparent, while the user should not think about the direction of navigation your website.
Correct navigation and full intuitiveness will make your potential customer stay on your website for longer, find what they were looking for, and this id the last step to contact you.

Projektowanie stron internetowych Graph-Art
Graph-Art Leszno

We deal with both the creation of websites and their positioning, so we know perfectly well how to do it to get your website to the top.

Reaching the top places in search results requires performing activities that require broad skills and specialist knowledge. Knowing how search engine algorithms work, professional SEO tools, tracking competitors’ activities, as well as constant control and defense of ranking are the elements necessary for effective website positioning.

The graphic design is the basis and the first element that will be assessed by the user after entering your website. that is why we create graphic design what will inspire a sense of professionalism in your potential client. We constantly follow and follow global trends. Therefore, your website will be designed in such a way as to arouse the admiration of both your client and the copmetition.

Projektowanie stron internetowych
Projektowanie stron internetowych

We know perfectly well that half of the traffic on websites comes from the visits of users using mobile devices, which is why RWD and AWD (Responsive and Adaptive Web Design) is a technology that your website must have. Thanks yo it, you can browse websites on mobile devices without any obstacles.

We specialize in creating websites based on the most popular open sourcing CMS system – WordPress.
Of you prefer a different CMS, we can design a website for you based on other solutions dedicated to you.

You don’t have time to administer your websites yourself? No problem, we can offer you a solution based on HTML technology. We will the make any changes to the website for you.

Graph-Art Leszno
Projektowanie stron internetowych

We always maintain great relations with clients, and the delivery of a ready-made website usually does not mean the end of cooperation – nothing could be more wrong. You can count on our help both in handling your website and in promoting it on the web.