Social media

Running a fanpage,
advertising campaigns
and marketing strategies

Why should you take care of professional profile
on social media?

Facebook is currently a very good place not only to build the company’s image or communicate with client, but also to sell and promote services and products. We create a valuable message by consolidating the brand among customers, while presenting products or services, encouraging them to buy them.

Thanks to the presence in social media:


Are you curious what cooperation looks like?

First of all, we need to get to know your companies, your products or services and your current activities in the field of Social Media. After the initial introduction, e will prepare a social media marketing strategy and a profile building vision for you. We will also present the exact costs of running Social Media by our marketing agency.


Before starting work, we will prepare a monthly schedule of activities, which will both facilitate the work of our specialists and allow you to familiarize yourself with the action plan. We will create an outline of the topics we want to raise, what promotional activities for posts we want to implement and with what financial budgets. Later, we will only have to implement the assumptions.

According to the prepared schedule, our Social Media specialists will prepare and publish high-quality  entries for you, engage followers in the conversation and promote posts through paid advertising campaigns and through publications on groups.
Entries will be published at appropriate times to get the greatest possible reach.


As with every service, at the end of the month, we send a report on the activities that we have successfully completed. 
In the report, you will find published entries, display statistics, described promotional activities and their effects, and plans for the next month