Search engine optimization
for websites

high positions in the search engine

What is SEO?

Marketing activities (known in Poland as the SEO industry) aimed at obtaining and maintaining the highest possible position for key phrases in the natural search results in the Internet search engine (e.g. Google)

Positioning mainly includes activities related to the creation and optimization of content on the website and the acquisition of incoming links, as well as technical improvement of the website.

Why is it worth
choosing positioning?

Website positioning is an investment that repays with lasting effects spread over time.
It has a range of benefits and for many websites it is the main source
of customer acquisition.

1. Effective form of advertising.

About 97% of Internet users use the Google search engine. Every day, millions od Polish users use search results pages to find specific information, products or services they need.

Most of them only view the first page od Google search results. Getting your website on the first page of search results is one of the most effective and at the same time attractively priced methods of generating an increase in conversion.


2. Long-term benefits

Positioning is a long-term process that guarantees long-term benefits. Achieving visibility in search results ensures a constant flow of potential customers to the website. Thanks to this, the invested funds can pay off for a long time. In addition, the website will be very popular and will increase trust among Internet users.

3. Scalability

Positioning allows you to scale visibility vertically and horizontally. thanks to SEO activities, we can improve the position of key phrases as well as increase the number of keywords on the first page of the results. By creating new subpages or optimizing them, we ensure an increase in the number of users, thus the potential number of people interested in the offer.

4. Adjusting to the user's needs

Google search results are tailored to the user’s intentions. Great attention is paid to the quality of the organic results – constant updates are made. As a result, Internet users are more likely to use the Google search engine. The result is ranking pages that meet the expectation of users. Thus, there is a high probability that a user obtained from natural results will benefit from the offer and become a customer.

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5. Good price-quality ratio.

Both Google Ads and website positioning ensure a very favorable cost-quality ratio of the traffic obtained.

Search engine users have specific intensions. Thanks to positioning, you reach those who are determined to act, including conversion in the online store. The costs od PPC and SEO campaigns are therefore attractive in terms of return on investment (ROI). Many companies only use SEO or PPC campaigns to attract new customers.

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Is positioning a service
for me?

Are you wondering if it is worth investing in website positioning?
Read the following questions and become your client.

  • Are you using Google Search?
  • Have you visited other stores while looking for a specific product?
  • Do you read quides or reviews on the internet before buying a product?
  • Have you been looking for opinions on the product or company you are interested in?
  • Is the information on Google My Business listing useful for you?
  • Did you use an Android smartphone or tablet to search for information?

By answering the above mentioned questions at least once, you have confirmed that Internet users, just like you, look form information about products and services in the Internet

Therefore, if you want ro reach them, positioning is a form of marketing that will be the tight choice for your business.