About us

We create this place

Graph-Art is an advertising agency in Leszno. We provide comprehensive services for companies, starting from the development of visual identification through design
and creating websites, ending with multimedia presentations.
By combining advanced technologies with effective visuals, we manage to achieve the best effect for you.

The complexity of our services consists of skilfully combining promotional techniques from internet promotion to other media.
Our belief in solid, reliable and long-term cooperation has been confirmed in the history of the company.

We design websites

We create optimized websites, blogs and on-line stores that meet Google standards. Our websites are fully responsive, which means that your company website will look good on a laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Designing websites can be a fascinating process, each website we make works for the client to generate the best financial, information or image profit.
Web designers create surprising, aesthetic pages that attract attention are memorable for website visitors.

By commissioning us to create a website, you are certain that you have probably made the best possible choice,

Interaktywna Agencja Reklamowa Graph-Art

We design logos, create brand books
and visual identifications

In the era of high technology development, traditional marketing and advertising are not a sufficient response to customer expectations.
Reaching customers effectively requires comprehensive branding activities.

Your website, logo, social media profiles, business card, leaflets and marketing materials must have a consistent message.

The logo is the foundation for building a consistent image of each brand.
It is a valuable carrier of the idea, character and strategy of the company’s operations.
The logo is one of the simplest, but at the same time the most important element of the company’s visual identification system.

It effectively increases brand recognition on the market, creating a solid bond with customers. As a showcase of the company, it defines its identity and builds competitiveness for years.
At Graph-Art, we will take care of everything that builds a positive image of the company, and our graphic materials will guarantee that your brand image will be consistent.

Materiał Reklamowe

SEO starts earlier

Positioning a website (known in Poland as SEO) makes it appear in the top results of the Google search engine, after entering the appropriate keywords into it. For your business, keywords are terms that accurately describe the products or services you sell.

Most users only looks at the top of Google Search. Therefore, if you are not on the first page, it is as if you were not there at all.

Getting to the top in search results requires a number of steps. Very good knowledge of the operation of numerous search engine algorithms as well as professional SEO tools (tracking the actions of the competition, constant control and protection of the ranking) are necessary elements for an effective process of website positioning.

The website is not everything

More and more people are looking for products and services on Facebook, so nowadays building a brand image is also done using Social Media Marketing.
We offer you to create and run a company website or brand and add content that will attract the attention of new users on portals such as Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

You will gain direct access to the desired target group at low cost of marketing activities.

Interaktywna Agencja Reklamowa Graph-Art

That's it

We are passionate about new technologies and we follow trends in the graphics and marketing industries, as well as follow the latest news regarding corporate image design.

By using our services, you can be sure that the website uses the latest solutions and meets the most demanding criteria of search engines.

The content we create is always tailored to your target audience, so it will be much easier for you to convince customers to buy your products/services.

Please feel free to contact us and see how we can help you.